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Event Décor Kit Rental

~ Event Décor & Equipment ~

About Us

"Turn your luxury idea into reality with our affordable event décor kits! "

~ Taya

We are a rental company in Whatcom County that rents out mostly event décor inventory in kits and kit bundles instead of individually priced items. We only rent out equipment as individually priced. We only have enough decor kits and equipment for up to 300 people. Max 350 for each weekend. 

We bundle décor kits and price them as low as $5, $10, and $20 per kit to save you money. Event décor kits are ready to go and are perfect for smaller events, last minute events and emergencies.

 All décor kits are cleaned, washed, organized to fit a standard kit box and ready for your next event.  We will only reserve up to 20 kit bundles a weekend and will only require a $150 deposit to reserve them.  

"I designed every kit with the thought of you! After being a wedding designer for many years, I saw the stress and struggle of wanting a luxury event but not always getting it due to a tight budget. These luxury kits should help you with that. I made them easy and affordable for everyone and for all types of events."


Taya Sushch

Owner, Wedding & Event Designer!

Inspiring the best ideas for your events