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Event Décor Kit Rental

~ Great with Emergency Events and Last-Minute Add On's~

Chiavari Chair Kit Line

Adult Chiavari Chairs

Child Chiavari Chairs 

Curly Willow Clips

Chiavari Chair Back Slips

Chiavari Chiffon

Chiavari Chair Cushions Kit Rental

We carry a variety of colors. 

What the clients are saying?

I don't even know where to start. I loved working with Taya! She made my visions come true. I am a very fickle person and was unsure of how I wanted my wedding to look like but once I told her what I like she made my day very beautiful! Taya is very reliable and I highly recommend her. She is also knowledgeable with what she does and I would want to work with her again in the future! I don't think I can thank her enough for making my wedding day extravagant.

Julia Gorskikh ~ Bride