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Event Décor Kit Rental

~Event Décor, Equipment and Design~

Request a Kit Option is now Available!! 

"We would rather invest in décor kits you need then in décor kits that won't be used. Snap a picture of what you need and send it over with a note " request a kit". We will review it and let you know if that is something we would like to add to our "Décor Kit Collection". Kits below were approved and now pending to be added our website " ~ Taya

What our customers are saying

Taya from Event Décor Kit Rental services is fantastic. Her kits are well thought out and affordable. She delivers your kit in an organized and timely fashion. Taya is responsive and patient with returns. I needed and extra day or two to gather all supplies and return, she was extremely patient and understanding. Her services are excellent and you will not be disappointed. 10/10 recommend! This was my first experience using Event Décor Kit Rental and I plan to rent again in the future. Thank you Taya!!

Liliya Y. Kasko de Mateo ~ Client