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Event Décor Kit Rental

~ Event Décor & Equipment ~

Tablecloth Kit Rental

We carry a variety of tablecloth kits in multiple colors, sizes and styles.

Small: 1 cloths: $5

Medium: 3 cloths: $10

Large: 6 cloths: $20 

Note: ~ All clothes are washed, some lightly ironed and folded. They are not crisp ironed. If you feel that they need to be more ironed then you may iron them. 

            ~ Some kits may have an extra cloth in it just in case of spotting. I wash and decrease the best I can but some may or may not still have a spot or two on them. 

FREE: Initial Phone Consultation of the Kit Bundles

Design Meeting Before Event! ( Meeting nonrefundable)

Backdrop pole set (single or double): Sheer / luxury drape

Throne Loveseat/or 2 throne chairs or other available chairs/ Chiavari Chairs in multiple colors / Other equipment!

Floral/ silk flowers / vinyl backdrop

Sweet heart table:  luxury tablecloths, table skirts, table décor and design

Chargers, Dinnerware, silverware, glassware, napkins, napkins rings, and other luxury décor

Set up / take down of kit bundle : Included

Delivery: Not included. Additional cost.

Luxury Sweet Heart Table Kit Bundle

Cost: $350 : Deposit: $150


* Bundle can be customized to what you need.

* Design Service, Set up & Takedown Included

* Limited 2 Bundles for the weekend! Book today!

* When you reserve this kit bundle, you can now book any other décor kits that we may have available for your event that's on this website. 

Other Tablecloth Kits

Small: 1 cloth: $5

Medium: 3 cloths: $10

Large: 6 cloths: $20

What our clients are saying

I would strongly recommend Event Décor Kit Rental for any event decorating needs you have. Taya was very personable, creative, and took away a lot of stress I would have had on my wedding day. she did an amazing job and followed my preferences. My wedding tables and chairs turned out exactly how I had hopped and imagined.

Kellie Georgio ~ Bride